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Sex Tip: Masturbation Myths

In the second week of International Masturbation Month, we are going to address some myths that surround masturbation.  These will not be the old, cliché myths such as hairy palms and acne; but will tackle some misconceptions surrounding one of our most intimate moments.  So let’s start: Masturbation is something only adolescents do. While masturbation [...]

Sex Tip: The History of Masturbation

May is International Masturbation Month and was started in 1995 to combat the social stigma against masturbation. Yet, the controversy surrounding masturbation is not a new one and can be traced back through antiquity. To kick off May, the month devoted to self-love, we’ll be discussing masturbation throughout history. Excavations of ancient cultures have uncovered paintings, [...]

Sex Tip: The Brain

While we’ve talked about various body parts and their roles in sexual response and pleasure, there is one major organ we’ve been saving for last: the brain. Sure sexual organs are important when we talk about sexual satisfaction, but the brain plays the biggest role. It is a true statement to say that people are [...]

Sex Tip: The Anus

This week, we’re talking about the anus, and all its wondrous glory. We’ve talked a lot about the anus in previous articles, so this week’s will be reviewing some previous information as well as giving you some new bits and pieces to maximize pleasure for you and your partner. Anal sphincters, and all other sphincters, [...]

Sex Tip: The Vulva

Welcome back Better Boink readers! Let’s dive right into the vulva! That’s right, this week we’ll be talking about what makes the vulva one of the greatest set of sexual organs of the human body. The vulva is made up of many different parts and organs, each with their own unique functions and features.  The [...]

Sex Tip: The Penis

This week we’ll be sizing up the penis, how it works, some penile health, and some tips to make playing with yours (or someone else’s) that much more fun. The penis is a fascinating organ. It is made up of multiple, spongy columns; and despite the nomer “boner” the human penis does not actually contain [...]

Sex Tip: The Body

We will be kicking off this article with a response from a question that we received from a Better Boink reader. Here is the question: So me and my partner have been having sex for almost a year. One of our problems is that I'm nowhere near as reactive as him. I'm not even very vocal. [...]

Sex Tip: Toys (Finale)

Happy Spring! We are officially in the spring season, and that means some spring cleaning; which is exactly what we will be talking about this week: cleaning. So far, we’ve discussed sexual enhancement products, choosing one for you and your partner, and how best to introduce them into your bedroom.  This week, however, we’ll be [...]

Sex Tip: Toys (Part 3)

As we stated here, the use of sexual enhancers can be a private activity; however, just like other sexual behaviors, introducing and sharing these gadgets with your partner can open up a world of sensuality and pleasure for both of you.  So let’s get down to it! In Sex Tip: Toys (Part 2), we talked about choosing [...]

Sex Tip: Toys (Part 2)

Sex Tip: Toys (Part 1) brought you a brief introduction to sex aids, their history, and uses.  While briefly touched upon, sexual enhancements come in various shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and uses; which is where we will kick of this sexpert: types of sexual enhancers. Sexual aids can be broken down into three categories: penetrative devices, [...]