Who We Are:  The Better Boink Story

Better Boink is a project of the Midlands Sexual Health Research Collaborative, which is a team of sexual health researchers and educators.  Better Boink was launched in Omaha in 2012 in response to the need for local information about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as the need for free condoms in the community.  Since its launch, Better Boink has provided free condoms and lubricants through Better Boink boxes, which are located in Omaha and Lincoln (link to the map).  We are constantly adding new locations, so please let us know if you have a suggestion for where we should put a condom box (link to contact us).  We updated and revamped our website in 2016 to provide the most up-to-date information in the easiest to use format.  We hope you enjoy the site, and please share your comments and feedback with us (link to contact us).  Fun fact:  in 2015, over 123,000 condoms were taken from Better Boink boxes in Omaha!


Who We Are:

Dr. Jason D. Coleman

Dr. Sofia Jawed-Wessel

Dr. Jay Irwin

Aja Kneip-Pelster

Liam Heerten-Rodriguez

Justin Holes

Naty Hernandez

Catie Zileski

Chris Grala

Joe Braddock

Katie Kough